Festival 2008

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When they presented the first edition of Dance’nBass, Anna Westberg & Nina de Heney did so on the Atalante stage in Göteborg. The venue was a mini-festival with five acts per evening, during two nights in May 2008.

The program, besides Anna & Nina, consisted of duos who had never before worked together. At the initiative of the festival, these duos were paired in interesting and varied meetings, with a wide range of expression.

Magnus Rosén, former heavy-metal bass-player in the band Hammerfall, met David Zambrano, an international dance star from Venezuela who was on a temporary visit in Göteborg. An extremely exotic duo.

Lotta Melin, choreographer and sound-artist, danced and played the theremin with Johannes Lundberg’s electronically amplified bass. A performance with noise music and beautiful stage visuals.

Johan Forsman, a physical actor from the theater company Aktör&Vänner in Göteborg, performed with Thomas Allin, musician in the Göteborg Opera orchestra. Thomas had composed a piece for double bass, which this time had a dignified and restored new première in a piece of stage-art with refined humour.

Siri Jøntvedt, an experienced improvising dancer from Oslo, in a flowing and lyrical performance with one of Sweden’s most internationally established bass-players, Lars Danielsson.

Light design: Viktor Wendin